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During the product’s warranty period, if the original manufacturer of the material or workmanship of the product is deemed to be defective, Zerhunt will (at its sole option) replace the product at no charge with the same or comparable product. 

If products and/or parts services are required after the warranty period expires, you must pay all labor and parts charges. Warranty coverage terminates if you sell or transfer the product. 

What does the Zerhunt Warranty not cover?
This warranty does not cover:
✅Improper use or installation
✅Cosmetic damage
✅Man-made damage
✅Lost Products

This warranty also does not cover:
✅Connection to an incorrect voltage supply.
✅Unauthorized disassembly of the product.

How to solve the problems if the product is defective?
✅Send the email to zerhunt@outlook.com
✅Get in touch via Facebook Online Messenger
✅Message the details by Amazon Order Page

Note: all of the problems will be solved within 24 hours. It is the fastest way by contact through online messenger to get the one-to-one professional support service.